Supernatural your experiences

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I have seen two ghosts clear as day. The first one I was like 6 and all I can remember now was that it was through a window. The second time I know for sure because j was with a friend we were 14 (I'm now 27) Her dad just beat her and I was sneaking her out of her house. As we were walking down the rd we saw a lil girl playing in a puddle (2am) we couldn't hear splashing and she was in greys/blacks/white color figure. My friend grabbed me and the lil girl spirit was stairing at us. I told my friend to stay calm and keep walking. Then it popped up in front of us then to the side of us. Out of being like freaked out yet trying to keep my friend from flipping out I was like wave to her and say hi. It never said anything or gestured anything just stared at us. It was the craziest shit ever. We got to the end of the rd where a fence was and the spirit just stood by the fence watching us jump over. It was the craziest weirdest scariest experience of my life! I still think of it often. My mom said when she was a child three ghost use to hover over her in her bed and pull her sheets off and taunt her until they moved from the house. Does anyone else have any supernatural experiences??