Complete placenta previa

I just found out yesterday I have complete placenta previa.  I'm 14 weeks 5 days and I went to the hospital for cramping and pressure and came home diagnosed with complete placenta previa.  All I have read is that it causes bleeding and it may or may not resolve self. I read nothing about pressure and cramping being a part of it.  I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow afternoon to find out what restrictions and precautions to take to bring my baby to full term. But in the mean time I can't stop worrying that first, I won't be having this baby full term and secondly, I won't be able to work (as a hairstylist) to help with my families monthly bills.
 Anyone that has had or has this condition please help me cope and give me advice on what i should do in the mean time to keep my baby safe 😭 
A very scared mama!