hair is ruined!!!!!!!!

ok so I (had) naturally mousy brown hair, last year I got bored of it since I had had it all my life so decided to dye it with a dark purple dye (Schwarzkopf live XXL mystic violet) I loved it at first but when my roots started to show I was like ew this is disgusting so I chucked another purple dye over it (same one as before). I then went on holiday to a hot country and before I went I already knew the sun and pool water would fuck my hair big time. it did! by the time I had a couple days left till I was about to fly home my hair had litterly gone from a dark almost winey purple to a horrible weird murky reddish couler with horrendous natural brown roots that seemed to lookin greyish in certain lights. I got home and was so sick of seeing my hair in this mess that I had to do something about it. my sister who used to be a hairdresser and has dyed her hair every couler under the sun told me to start washing it with washing up liquid because apparently it "removes the purple dye pigments" so I started doing it daily. the water was always a murky couler when rinsing the soap out but I never seemed to actually notice any change in my hair it's self so I thought fuck it I'll put a brown dye over it so went and got a brown dye (nice n easy one can't remember the shade but it was darker than my natural couler in an attempt to cover the redness/purpleness) I was also thinking of stripping my hair completely but got put off when I remembered my friends hair went orange when she was stripping hers so stuck to the dye. it came out almost black and a couple days later faded to a brown couler but I COULD STILL SEE THE RED TINT. I was soooo annoyed by this. I left it to grow out a bit and again it totally mismatched my roots. left it as it was doing the washing up liquid as shampoo thing for a while and gradually over time the brown/red started to fade out and go towards the ends of my hair. I decided to get another brown dye (Schwarzkopf XXL live bittersweet chocolate) this worked but was a bit darker than I wanted but I didn't care as long as this horrid red tint was covered. I've kept doing the washing up liquid thing to try fade it and it's worked a bit but now in certain lights the top of my head (or wherever the light is shining) looks reddish the fuck do I banish this it's like it's impossible to get it away!!!!!!!!!