Hopeful Sex

So I didn't have my period for almost a whole year. On Jan 1st I finally got my period! It lasted about four days. So according to Glow I'm most fertile starting tomorrow and ovulate a few days after. So I'm super excited that there is finally a chance for me to get pregnant! So..my boyfriend works long hours(wakes up for work at 3am and gets off at 3:15 pm) I know he is tired when he comes home but lately we just haven't had that much sex. I rub on him when we lay down together, I usually sleep in just underwear so I'm pretty much naked..but still no sex which is super frustrating because I like sex. When we lived separate and even when we both lived with his parents (about 2 or 2 and a half years ago) we had sex almost every day. When we moved in together I had the idea we would still have sex all the time...wrong. Anyway, I took a screenshot of my glow calendar and sent it to him saying "I know you're tired when you get home but can we please try to have sex a few,times this week. It may not be a big deal for you but it is for me". He replied with "of course! And it's a big deal to me too. Love you!" So hopefully he keeps his word!