Please comment as i hardly get replys and need advise

Hey sorry for tmi but saturday my cm was white lotion like then yesterday it was egg white and stretchy but today its like lotion... i had a 3 day bleed last month but working from my dates i ovulated on 8th jan so would work out 3dpo but im not 100% so please dont bash... ive had backache, pelvis was aching, felt bloated, headaches, nausea, mild craps in my belly and increased appetite and weeing more than usual for the past week but today ive not got any symptoms apart from bloating amd pelvis is aching and weeing alot i know there symptoms of ovualtion, pregnancy and period but ive never had this pelvis aching with ovulation and cant remember with my other 2 babies before and with my period i usual just get bad period pains which i havent got now... anyone know what this could be?? Did anyone get a BFP after this xx