Hoping for a sticky rainbow baby!

AF due tomorrow and decided to take a test yesterday morning, fully expecting a negative. Checked after a few minutes, negative. Told my husband and we exchanged the usual 'maybe next month' 'we havent been tryin long'. After a few more minutes I checked again before throwing it out and saw the faintest line - but it was there! Checked again this morning and it's definitely there. Will go to the docs on Wed to have it confirmed.

I feel so lucky that we have conceived after only 4 months properly trying and my heart goes out to those who are still trying after months/years of anguish, upset and despair.

For me, this baby is extra special. I had a mc last year due to health problems (type 1 diabetes). I have worked so hard to ensure my health is the best it can be and was finally given the go ahead to try again.

I found out on 6th Jan last year that my baby had died. I was taken in for emergency surgery on 13th Jan. So for me, in between the anniversary of these two dates, finding out I am expecting again is amazing.

I am hoping and praying this wee one sticks and that in 9 months I will be a mummy again.

I am thankful for this app, everyone is so supportive. It reminded me everyday that there are people out there going through worse situation than myself, how to use an ovulation test and that I'm not the only crazy pee on a stick lady! I wish you all baby dust!

Thanks x