Hi. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 9 months now. I am doing everything by the books. I have also always suffered with irregular and painful periods. My doctor decided I should have the laproscopic surgery on November 18th 2015. Because she thought I may have endometreosis. After the surgery there was no endomotreosis but quite a few cysts that she had to pop. She said my ovaries looked healthy and I should get pregnant in no time. 2 cycles later and still nothing. I started doing some reviews online and read up on something called PCOS. Does anyone have this or know any information on this? Anything would help. I have a lot of things that are possibly pointing towards this. I also think I am going to switch doctors because mine stays so busy so I am beginning to think maybe she doesn't have the time to really sit down and discuss different options with me. I am starting to get worried!