Did your husband/SO experience infertility issues after MILITARY deployment?

Liz • 31 yr mom of 2, son "Royal" is 8, born 12/05/15 and new addition baby girl "Breeze" born 08/19/15. Daydreaming of TTC again but have not officially started yet! Maybe ill commit soon to #3!
Posed twice in general forum first was 50/ 50 of 8 votes and 2nd is at 12 votes 25% YES. resposting in different forun to get more views = more votes/info. I encourage comments for YES responses. My - sadly since passed away @ 33- husband was infertile after returning home from Marine Corp deployment during OIF1 and seems to be many others expiricing same problems! Anthrax vaccine very controversial as is said to render men sterile along w other problems. Thanks!

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