Ok so for the young girls sending nudes to boyfriends or other guys! STOP!!! Seriously tho they are trouble!! No matter how good of a relationship you think you may be in it's still not safe & don't believe other guys that tell you that they won't show anyone. This weekend, my man and I were hanging out with our friends and one of our guy friends is here for 2weeks from military anyway we were all sitting in his truck driving around while our friend was snapchatting this 18yr old girl. She was sending him nudes and all of us saw it! I felt really bad for that girl because not only did he see her body but I did, my boyfriend did, his brother did and she just looked so dumb doing it. I felt sorry for her. So even though you might think it's not being shown to anyone other then him or your BF, guess what there is a chance that his friends are seeing them too. Sending nudes isn't respectful to yourself and it's not lady like. It could get around school, work or where ever. Parents could end up seeing it and you could get into a lot of trouble. Also, (I'm not saying this will happen but you never know!) there was a HS student (where I live) threatening to shoot up the high school over a girl because she wouldn't apologize for something she did to him. Anyway, she sent nudes to this kid and he ended up posting her nudes on Facebook and other sites! So keep in mind that can also happen. Now & days you never know what can happen or what someone will do. So for all you young girls sending nudes…STOP!!!!