Im sorry to "air my dirty laundry" like this but I don't know what else to do or where else to go for advice...Should I feel bad that I picked my little girls name without her"fathers" help? When we went to find out her gender he was dead set on her being a boy and us using the name he picked that he told me I could name her whatever I wanted. After the appointment and we found out it was girl he immediately started yelling and cussing at me telling me I was NOT going to name her the name I wanted...we hadnt even made it out the office and into tge hallway before he started this rant and when I stated he agreed I could pick the girl name he got even madder to the point he punched the hospital elevator. He wont help me pick a name to and keeps saying he has something more important to do or its boring or y do we have to talk about the baby...were supposed to be together but since I got pregnant hes only been around maybe 2 weeks 2 1/2 weeks at most spaced out through the pregnancy (Im 21 weeks) he doesn't seem interested in her or me and I am seriously considering leaving him. All he does when hes around, and when hes not, is yell at me and disrespect my mother...I feel like Im always doing something wrong and have to constantly walk on egg shells. If I know hes going to be at the house when I get off I feel terrible and wish I didnt have to go hime because I know there will be a huge fight that somehow is all my fault whether its because "I didnt say hi to him as soon as I got home" or "I didnt text him back while I was at work". I have tried talking to him for the sake of my daughter but things just arent getting better... If I bring up him getting a job to help me pay for the baby he tells me "why does he have to pay for the doctor bills, hes not seeing the doctor", "why should he help with hospital bills, hes not the one in the hospital", and he asks y he needs to help pay for crib, pack n play, diapers ect. Because he wont be using them... but gets mad at me if I use my paycheck to buy the baby anything because he wanted cigarettes, drinks, whatever. I just don't know what to do anymore, everytime I say that the relationship isn't working and I don't want to be together anymore he blames me because we don't have sex anymore (sorry if that's tmi) but because of how r relationship is I don't feel comfortable, I don't trust he hasn't been sleeping around, and he doesnt care it hurts me or I cant do the positions he wants anymore because my baby bump gets in the way, he just tells me to grow a pair and bite a pillow if it hurts which I refuse to do because it feels like a hot knife being stabbed into my uterus and I worry about the baby. He keeps threatening to take my baby from me if I leave him otherwise I would have been gone but I don't want to lose my daughter. Could I not put him on her birth certificate or do I have to? Could I get into legal trouble if I don't put him on the birth certificate? Because of the way he acts and things he gets into, not including the fact he has no car, no job, and lives bouncing from house to house using people's couches I don't want to have to send my baby with him alone. Does anyone have any advice that could help me?