Rapid labor?? Sorry Long story....

So my birth story was rather exciting yet extremely overwhelming!! Back story.......I've had 3 other babies and each one was under 5hrs of labor. 
 get my epidural and I'd go from 3cm to 10 in a matter of minutes and pushing, all my babies would pretty much fall out of me pain free and the most beautiful experience ever! I loved and enjoyed every second of it! So naturally you'd expect the 4th to be around the same type of story..... Not so much!! I woke up wed morning 1/6/16 around 12 am and was completely discouraged cause I had no signs of labor and at that point I was 38w5d and completely over it! So I got out of bed and went upstairs and realized I was a little crampy but then I ended up having diarrhea so I assumed it was maybe just a stomach ache. So I took a bath and as I'm laying in there I realized my cramps are every 5 mins. I get out of he bath and wake up my husband and tell him I think it might be time.... He rolls over and tells me to go back to bed (he's a grump in the morning) so I figured I'd let him sleep and I go back to the bathroom (more diarrhea) and when I wipe I had a huge amount of blood on the tp. So I called the dr and wake my husband up and by 1:30 we are out the door cause my contractions are extremely painful out of the blue and all in my back and every 3 minutes. We're driving to the hospital which is 45 mins away.... I'm thinking I'm dying the pain is so bad I'm throwing up praying that I don't have this baby in the car!! (Which actually happened to my BFF) we pull up to the hospital at 2:15am they wheel me in and send me right down to L&D. The nurses are all looking at me like "what r u doing here, you should be in triage 1st?" I almost jumped out of the chair and smacked her if I wasn't in agony. She then wheels me into the room and tells me to go into the bathroom and change... I told her I can't walk and she was a total B and was like "fine I guess I can wheel u to the bathroom. " I'm alone in the bathroom crying hunched over the sink (hubby was parking the car) and some how managed to get naked and  put a gown on and I literally get out of the bathroom and fall into the bed screaming in pain. The nurse checks me and I had never felt pain like that I start yelling at her to get her hands off me she's hurting me!!! She told me I was 8cm and my bag of water was bulging. The dr immediately comes in and checks and I'm actually 10cm and he's right there and coming out! I start screaming that I need to poop (cause that's what it felt like) and they are telling me to push cause he's already almost out!! There are 10 nurses running around in my room 2 Drs and Im assuming my husband I have no idea cause it was literally a matter of 10 mins since we pulled into the hospital. So I turn into that crazy woman u see on movies that are screaming and yelling and crying that they can do it, I Think at one point I was telling them just to cut him out of me LOL. I'm trying to hold him in cause it was so unbelievably scary pushing something that you can feel coming out!!  So anyway my little peanut came out a minute later (which felt like hours of pushing) and was 7lbs and perfect! It's funny the second his body came out and Finally my bag of water that clearly ruptured behind him, there was an instant relief.. All the pain just dissapears in a second. I think I might have scared every single mother that was in L&D that night tho, who were waiting to have there own blessings 😇 So by 2:32am he was in my arms. Absolutely nothing like I was planning my labor to be. It was so fast and not how I planned it for the past 9 months.  It truly was so fast once I got to the hospital it turns into a bit of a blur. Makes me kinda sad. But it was def a whole different experience and a new story to tell 💙 my little Mason James