Stressful times-need help

This whole weekend has been crap. I just need some help on deciding what I should do because I'm so confused and angry about the whole thing. First of all, one of my cousins has been moving and my fiancé and I were going to move in with them. Well, Saturday they were cleaning their old house and I asked if they needed help (I was the only one who even asked) and they did but I had some things to do first. They never told me how much longer they were gonna be there so I didn't end up making it in time. Later, she went and made a status on how her and her husband never get any help from anyone when they help everyone. Keep in mind, I was there for her through her husband being on leave and helping basically raise her kid. Well, I saw a whole bunch of people commenting on it saying "I would have helped if you would've asked" and blah blah blah and she replied to all their comments. I commented and said I'm sorry I couldn't make it and she didn't reply to mine so I texted her and she ignored me. When she finally texted me back, she said she was mad because I didn't drop everything I was doing and go help her. Well, my mom saw the post and knew it was about me. Ever since I've been pregnant, she's gotten really protective of me. She commented on it calling my cousin ungrateful and all that good stuff and then texted her and bitched her out. Apparently the messages gave my cousin panic attacks. I saw the messages and they weren't that bad. Now, my fiancé and I have to find a new place to live and my cousin blocked me on Facebook when she's been telling my fiancé that she's not mad at us and that she didn't mean to take her anger out on me. I'm still pissed and it's just bugging me how she'll text my fiancé before she texts her own damn cousin. Is it just me and my hormones or would anyone else be angry? I just need some opinions, I guess... My cousin used to be one of my best friends but I don't know if I can get over this.