My boyfriend is always on his phone and it's driving me insane!

My bf has a bad phone habit. You can be in the middle of talking to him or asking him something, and he'll get on his phone. He didn't used to be bad about it, it only started fairly recently. I had made a rule with him that if we're both in bed and awake, we're not on our phones. He agreed to this rule. 
It got to the point tonight that j just snapped. I was going to go to bed, I walk in and he's on his phone, doing something. I lie down, he doesn't say hi or touch me or anything. Then I turn over, frustrated. I turn off the light and say goodnight. He doesn't say anything for a minute or 2 because he's still on his phone. Then finally he asks "hey babe what's up?" Yet as he asks me this, he's still scrolling through his instagram feed and not paying attention at all. I tell him that we had made a deal about phones in bed, and that it's frustrating me that he's still on his phone while he's "trying" to talk to me. He doesn't answer, I see him STILL going through his instagram feed, and then he says "but what's wrong babe? I'm trying to talk to you?" 
What the hell?! No, you're NOT trying to talk to me, you're still on your phone and being really disrespectful to me!!?!!
Have any of you ladies had to deal with this before? What did you do? Am I having crazy PMS hormonal shit going on, or would this bother you too???