Miscarriage question

Kimberly • Wife|| mother||
I didn't see a miscarriage section to post this in but I wanted to get my story off my chest and ask for others experiences.  I took 3-4 tests and they all were negative, I knew I was pregnant but I also knew something didn't feel right. Even after I finally had my positive test Come back it didn't feel real or right. I lost my baby November 29th after spending 3-4  hours in our er waiting room. I was almost 10 weeks. Me and my husband want to have another baby but I have mixed feeling on when to try. I don't want to go through it again. But I would really love my son to have a sibling. I've heard to wait the full three months but I read that trying sooner might result in a healthier and more successful pregnancy. I'm just curious as to those who have experienced a miscarriage when they started trying and conceived.