Excess weight gain

Madison • Baby Boy making his way to June 3, 2016 ❥ madly in love with his daddy ❥ blessed.
I'm 20 weeks & 5 days pregnant and I've noticed I've gained 22 pounds so far. I personally feel like that's a lot for only being 20 weeks and I'm starting to notice my face and fingers are becoming swollen.. I know it's not preeclampsia and I've minimized my salt intake, also I use to weigh 103 before becoming pregnant. I've started prenatal yoga during the early stages of my pregnancy but I'm a stay at home "house wife" and I'm always busy cooking, cleaning, etc etc and I can't find the time and energy afterwards..
Okay I'm not trying to lose a ton of weight with being pregnant because I know gaining "some" weight is good for the baby, I'm just trying to keep and maintain a healthy weight. Starting now I want to motivate myself to stay more fit throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. Mamas, give me some advice! What are some good workouts that are safe for the second trimester? What do you do or like to do to stay active? 
Thank you ☺️