26 weeks into giving Birth.

Alexis • Excepting a baby girl 💕 April 21, 2016
Now I have been in and out of the hospital for 3 weeks now. So it all started when I was sitting on the couch and fluid came out. I was rushed to the nearest Hospital my mom thought my water had broken. I get there and they tell me that my water do not break and I have 2 infections and was sent home with medications. The symptoms never improved it actually got worse. So starting 5 days ago I stared getting bad cramping on and off in my stomach horrible pain so I was rushed to the hospital again because my mom thought I was getting contractions I get there and they tell me they don't think I I am having contractions because it was not picking up on the machine because the baby so small, so I was sent home again. That whole night I was up with terrible terrible contractions just horrible. So the next day after being up all night with no sleep and excruciating pain. We decide to go supposed to hospital I am supposed to give birth at which is 45 minutes away from my home. I get here and they told me I am dilating and my water has broke and I am ruptured, Now I am terrified scared not knowing what is going to happen if my daughter is going to be here any minute now. They had found a out my water probably been broken for 3 weeks now and I have been having said contractions. I have been admitted into the hospital so they can keep in eye on any infections and I had to stay here until I have to give birth. They told me that the baby will be premature and that worries me a lot. Today I am 26 weeks and 5 days so I can only hope for the best this is in Gods hand now and all I can do is pray. Skylar mommy loves you. ♡