Felt the baby kick?!?

Suzanne • Proposal 11/2/14* Married 7/11/15* MC 9/6/15* BFP 11/2/15* DUE 7/15/16
Last night, at 14 weeks 4 days, DH and I excitedly laid down to hear our little love on our Doppler after he came home from work. We don't do this every night but he has been so overworked it's been hard for him to feel connected to the pregnancy- he was really making an effort last night. We began to our now usually short search for our large lemon's heart, and then I found it. Not even a second later, I felt what felt like a gas bubble directly under the Doppler, and the Doppler was bumped up a bit. I would not have even thought anything of that gassy feeling if I hadn't seen the movement, or known we were directly on top of our baby... Is baby mad that we keep invading his/her space? Kicking that Doppler away? Then daddy talked and I tracked baby's heart as he/she moved closer to his voice. Then I had what could be considered a panic attack... I started feeling very tight and painful in my chest. I didn't feel anxious but my ribcage just felt so tight and I struggled to breathe. Very weird and exciting and confusing... Not what I thought it would feel like at all!