Still playing softball

Aerin • FTM- baby girl due May 28! 🎀👑 Still so unreal.
For those of you that are athletic/competitive, how long did you continue your activity after finding out you were pregnant? I play slow pitch softball (rec league, not super competitive, left center) and it seems that everyone has an opinion about it. I've played my whole life, and while I understand there's a risk of falling, etc., I could also trip and fall while jogging around the block and no one seems to have an issue with jogging. It's slow pitch, so I'm not going to get hit with a pitch, I run one base at a time (two if I'm totally sure they're not throwing lol), don't slide or dive now, and play outfield, where the ball predominantly gets hit to me in the air and not at ridiculous speeds. I get irritated when people go overboard with the 'pregnancy bubble' nonsense, and hate being told what to do. Just curious how far along you are and what sports you play? I know a few pregnant cross fitters who are still very active as well. 
If you don't love/play competitive sports, you wouldn't understand. Not looking for your opinion on my pregnancy.