Am I being unreasonable?

So, I've been thinking a lot about my "birth plan" and what I would like. Mainly, just privacy when I want privacy and I don't want everyone running around being loud, I want to welcome our baby in to the world in a very calm environment. Well, I also have mentioned to some people that I'd like to have about an hour or so just my husband and I with the baby after she's born. I'd like this time to, of course breast feed, but to just have time with the two of them before the chaos of introducing her to family begins. I'd also like to take that time to kinda freshen up.. Wash my face and change into something presentable. Maybe slap on a little make up. I know there will be lots of pictures, and I don't want to look bad in them. Some people tell me that I won't care about that when the time comes, but I will cherish these pictures and I want to be proud of them. Not feel like I look horrible.... I feel like after giving birth, I'll want a little bit of time to just feel like myself again before bringing in our families. 
And it's not like I'm going to push out my baby and then grab my makeup... My husband wants to do skin to skin, so I thought maybe this would be a good time to just freshen up. 
My MIL and some others are saying that is unreasonable because it'll be all about the baby and I won't even care. (And maybe I won't when the time comes). What do you guys think?