Breastfeeding success

With my first kid breastfeeding was so hard and complicated I didn't produce enough milk and it was way too demanding concidering I had to get back to work after 12 weeks. I'm a second time mom and let me say this time around was not easier in fact I think it was harder. My sleep deprivation was hard to deal with and my breast and nipples where excruciatingly sore. I'm happy to say that My newborn is 11 days old and well I think I finally got the whole Breast feeding down. Thank goodness. Honestly I wanted to quit. First off I got help with latching. If baby isn't latching properly you'll feel sharp pinching the whole time. I then bought a nipple cream.  Rubbed it in after EVERY single feeding. Next I made a snack pack of water crackers a sandwich and other goodies. I then Propped myself on my bed or in my living toom with my bopy pillow and turned on Netflix. For the next few days I just breast fed as long as my baby wanted. That means every 15 minutes because he loves to fall asleep at the boob. It was hard specially becaus my milk supply wasn't flowing much.  Occasionally I feed formula when I need longer breaks in between. I can honestly say that I made it past the hump lol I'm breastfeeding and not hating every minute of it. For all of you that are struggling.... I feel you pain. Hang in there.