Love/Hate Glow

Before I started using glow, I had no idea what my cycle was, how to calculate ovulation, or what fertile CM was, etc. It has helped me really understand my body more and really know how to conceive, so I'm super glad I downloaded it.
We just wanted to kind of start trying without being super strict about tracking BBT or scheduling BD time, but I felt I needed to track my period to even begin trying because I thought it was irregular.
Then, I started reading the glow community. I could have certainly gone without knowing about chemical pregnancies, the real possibility of a miscarriage or the length of time it really might take to conceive. Oh and don't get me started on seeing all the positives and being super envious.
I feel like Glow took away the fun and exciting part of TTC, but now there's no turning back and one might say I'm addicted to logging days (haven't missed a day in like 3 months).
Anyway, just venting. I've loved the sense of community and information I've gained but it might be time to delete this app and mentally track my period.