Being Bi 👭👫🙈

Alexis • Hi I'm lex 🙈💜 genuine , sweet , gives great advice and always have an open ear with a warm heart 😘
I really honestly don't know how to feel because I'm afraid to open up to people because I get judged on based on the sex that I like meaning male or female but I'm into both . If my mom didn't judge me , why would other people . Even this girl I called my " sister " judged and laughed in my face . I never cried so bad . So thanks to this site I feel free and open 😍 but my question to you guys is should I : why is it so hard for people to appreciate you for being you ? Like why is the lgbt community world so hard to be welcomed ? I had yet to understand this question ❗️I'm very open about everything . Sometimes I don't be caring but sometimes I do because my heart is little and sensitive , yet warm and will put my foot down if i have to . . 
👀 all answers ( opinions ) welcomed .