PhD supervisor stressing me out

I am currently 14 weeks with my second baby. I am a foreigner coming to UK to pursue my PhD here. I am almost finish as i am currently writing up my thesis and have until september. Well i have been feeling ill for most of the time during this pregnancy and it become worst when i've been told that i'm anemic. For the past weeks i have been writing up and working from home, keeping up with all the deadlines..and this truly making me exhauted. So last week I went and asked my PhD supervisor whether I can have one month off so that I can properly rest. He said no because there is no time, and I have to deal with it as he said all the problems I have are “self-inflicted”. I had never been so depressed after hearing that and keep thinking I should have not getting myself pregnant while doing PhD. I have been blaming myself since. Any idea how should I deal with this stress? Thanks in advance for your kind advice.