Has anyone had a 35 weeker?

My son was suppose to be 35 weeks but they were off on my due date and the NICU ended up telling me he was more like 31-32 weeks GA instead of 35. So he was in the NICU for a month. But I'm on second pregnancy with a baby girl and I'm 34+2 and she also measures 4 days ahead and has sense the very first ultrasound. But my doctor doesn't think I'll make it past 35 weeks (this coming Monday) and says she will more than likely be early. My cervical length went from measuring 3.5 cm to measuring 1.7cm. And I've been contracting for a week and a fingertip dilated. Also she's so low in the birth canal they said she's lower than a lot of babies and they could feel her head right there when they checked me. So has anyone had a 35 weeker and did they have to go into the NICU or not? I'm so nervous :( I really want her to come home with me :( PLEASE ANY ADVICE. I WOULD RATHER BE PREPARED