2 miscarriages third pregnancy

So I've had two miscarriages before the 12 week mark and this is my third pregnancy. According to glow in a day shy of 14 weeks (haven't gone to the doctor yet as I wanted to wait past the 12 week mark, didn't want to stress about it) I've been bleeding light to medium flow for he last month or so so I thought I was going to have a miscarriage again, so far seems ok. I did have the blood clot between the placenta and my uterus last time that cleared up and I think I had that again because I had a rush of blood one day (thought I was miscarrying) and then has been light bleeding since then. Still need to go into a doctor but was wondering if anyone else has bled after a history of miscarriages or has just bled through their pregnancy? Like I said I'm leaving it to God and don't want to worry but just wanted some insight.