Sad wife

So my husband left for basic training for the airforce in late December and I got a call from him and called back and here's what's up..
He developed two stress fractures, tore an abdominal muscle and ended up getting really depressed and suicidal and but in the base psychiatric hospital.
I'm upset because he's hurting so much and we rushed our marriage because of the Air Force factor but now the Air Force is one of his biggest regrets of his life. He's worried everyone is going to think he's weak and a failure because he couldn't make it through basic training. One of the other factors that discouraged him is the fact that the only job he would have been able to get was Special OPs which is something we never even considered because of the chances of death. I'm both very happy and sad that he's coming home. 
I guess I'm mostly venting but is it wrong for me to be upset that we rushed the wedding knowing my husband couldn't do the Air Force? I don't regret getting married to him at all, I love him with all my heart, I just regret getting married before he left Vs him not going and us saving money. We were going to use some of the spousal separation pay to save up for a vow renewal ceremony that would have been more like an actual wedding with ALL our family attending; the wedding we had before we knew when he was leaving was just closer relatives and friends so in reality, more than half of our family wasn't even there.
Also, how do I help him with his mental state when he gets back home and has anyone else's spouse not been able to go through with the military or am I the o lu one?