Steroid shots and preterm labor

Anyone else had to get steroid shots for baby's lungs? I went in last week at 31 weeks having contractions and after monitoring me for a few hours and determining I was dilated and effaced they sent me home on bed rest with strict orders to come back if the contractions started up again (they stopped on their own, the minute we walked into L&D of course). 
We had a follow up appointment where dr did an exam and the preterm enzyme test. it was positive, so they decided to do steroid shots in the case she comes soon. They said a positive result wasn't 100% right but could mean she's coming really soon. (heightened risk of the next two weeks! 😩) They are also sending us to the high risk doctor early next week because my fluid is on the low end (it's a 7 out of a range of 5-25) and it isn't increasing with my water intake. 
I'm a FTM and pregnancy is scary enough- has anyone else had something similar happen?? I'm 32.5 weeks today so I know that her chances of doing well are good, but the NICU scares me! Hoping she holds out until at least 36 weeks.