C-section ready this time

I decided to make a list of things I need to have done BEFORE my c-section feel free to add your input. 😊

1. Buy sanitary pads (large amounts in case)

2. Breast pads

3. Breast milk storage bags

4. Check breast pump make sure it works

5. Wash as much laundry as I can

6. Clean out vacuum (others will vacuum)

7. Buy snacks for the older kids

8. Snacks for me

9. Buy basic food ex. Bread and lunch meat

10. Maybe some frozen dinner ...lasagna

11. Shave

12. Do toes ... it will be a while before you can do them again

13. Clean the house

14. Make sure you have toilet paper, and necessities

15. ANYTHING you might need from the store.

16. Stool softener if not prescribed

17. Ask your dr for a belly wrap for right after delivery

18. Pre register at the hospital

19. Pack your bag with baby stuff too.