I want to see a fertility specialist

Amanda • I`m 32. Ttc baby #1. I had a chemical pregnancy in August and a chemical again in February. Praying for my rainbow baby
So my backstory. I started ttc may 2015 and I got pregnant July, but miscarried in August. The doctor gave me the clear to try again in October. So I've been trying since October and so far no luck. I know it doesn't seem horribly long, but I'm willing to be aggressive now. I asked my doctor to start testing me and she said she won't start testing until one year of trying. I'm so upset.. Why do I have to wait one whole year to test, why can't I start being aggressive now? Is anyone on the same boat as me? I am literally willing to do anything and everything to get pregnant and have a baby. This process is eating me and I'm becoming so depressed