So my boyfriend is sick , so i go to walmart looking for tissues and stuff for him . Got lysol so i can clean the house and make it less germy so he cant get better and go to work like he wants . He also needed some extra stuff so i said alright , i went to go with him to get him a candy because he wanted one and i ate some of his yesterday . So anyway , while i'm looking for toilet paper , he is asking which one and im like idk this one cheaper but this one is softer so whatever one and as i turn around to ask him if he wants the soft one he is like staring at this girl . So i grab the cheap one , and buy HIS shit and leave . Am i over reacting . I am insecure & stuff , ik but seriously .... while im at a store to buy shit for you , you start looking at this girl and not even giving a fuck about it. . i am beyond upset . idek