Sore boobs. Sign of pregnancy

Long story short my boobs have increased in tenderness today. The last time I felt this was in July when I found out I was pregnant. My boobs told me I was pregnant a week after conception and before any test. It ended up being ectopic and I had surgery in august. So my last periods have been normal with no tenderness, do I don't think it's associated with that. So to say I'm nervous would highly be understated. I should be celebrating and happy, but I'm a nervous wreck on the verge of an anxiety attack. I'm praying it's not another ectopic. I lost my baby and left tube.... I really don't know how strong I can be if I lose another. My loss in August might have been a double whammy losing twins. One in my tube, one in my uterus. My boobs gre, my uterus grew (even though nothing was in it after miscarrying that embryo) but I was still releasing hormones due to the one in my tube. It was a terrible experience ... and my boobs are telling me I'm pregnant. When is the earliest I can get an ultrasound to see if the embryo is in my uterus???