ER bound or just symptoms

I'm 10w5d pregnant and I had an incident at my prenatal appointment today. My OBGYN couldn't get blood so she sent me to the main hospitals lab. There were atleast 5 big tubes and 3 small tubes that I had to get filled with blood. Once she took the needle out and got ready to put on the bandaid I said "hold on" and fainted for a split second. I instantly started throwing up once I regrouped myself. The last time I have fainted I was admitted into the hospital for 5 days (a week before I found out I was pregnant) however they woman in the lab didn't do anything but give me water and a trash can. I've been home for about 6 hours now and I have an extreme headache, slightly nauseous, and im dizzy again. I'm not sure if this is just my regular symptoms or should I go to the ER. Btw for my headache is this the correct Tylenol for me to take ??