Yvonne • Trying for our last baby 💛
Ok, so my husband's grandfather recently had a bed bug infestation. So freaking gross! Well, they had an exterminator to come in and treat the place and when they came back, they have the clear that the problem was gone. Well, my husband and I went over to visit today and we were sitting on the couch and we found one crawling on my jacket!!! I flipped out!!! And I've been bitching all evening to my husband about it. I can't stop researching and I feel so itchy just thinking about it. What if we tracked them into our home?! We just bought this house 7 months ago and it's perfect for us, plus we just bought a new mattress for us and for our daughter!! I'm beyond pissed. I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant, I have a 3 year old daughter, I'm a nanny and full time college student. I don't have the time or energy for this shit!!! Vent over...(not really, my poor husband will be hearing about it for at least the next week!)