Embarrasing sex story 😅

Michelle • 16 yr old that is overly passionate w her boyfriend
So I love my boyfriend very very much, I lost my virginity to him and he's the only guy I've ever done stuff/had sex with, he's one handsome guy, anyways, I went on vacation for two weeks, I had never been away from him for so long, I missed him so much, when I was in Mexico we would always FaceTime and ne in contact, and when I got back of coarse we had sex, when he was thrusting me I randomly started bawling........not because it hurt, or because I was sad, but I think it was just such a beautiful moment to be with the love of my life again, he quickly stopped and asked me if i was okay, I wasn't like uhhhhhhhh (making crying noises) but tears were coming out like crazy, we kept having sex and my tears were still running. Idk what happened but my guessing is that I think I was way too happy idk 😅