Starting to hate my husband.

He is so freaking irritating. We recently had a baby and I feel like he is my child. He works and i stay at home to take care of our newborn. I also go to school im taking two classes this semester. My day basically consists of taking care of the baby, cooking, cleaning, and doing homework. All he does is go to work come home and relax. I appreciate that he works and provides for our family but outside of that he does nothing at all and makes it worse on me. I feel like his mom not his wife. In the morning I have to wake him up for work because he does not hear his alarm clock or turns it off and goes back to sleep. I used to cook in the morning but am too tired lately to do that and it's because of him. I take care of our son all day while trying to clean the house and do my homework which is nearly impossible because I have a baby who is out of the sleeping all the time phase. I pick my other son up from school at 3 get home at 4. Come back home cook dinner. By the time my husband gets home at 5:30 dinner is done. My husband usually takes a nap while I'm trying to help my other son with his homework and trying to finish my homework and taking care of the baby. I'm usually not done with my homework until 12am. My husband wakes up by then and is on the computer until 2-3am knowing he has to work in the morning. I literally get 2 hours of sleep most days because I'm up with the baby who has colic until 4 am and have to wake up at 6 again to get my husband up and ready for work.

Last week I thought about leaving him and the kids and see how he fucking handles it for a week. I packed my stuff and left. He called and I explained to him how I felt and he basically said that's what you're supposed to do what if I complained about taking out the trash 😑😑😑 and I said you don't have the added responsibility of taking care of a baby all day. I said at minimum you should be helping our son with his homework but you dont even do that. He basically said I need to tell him what needs to be done. But I feel like I should not have to give him a chore list. He should be concerned if our child is excelling at school. And I said I'm doing it all by myself the only thing that he does is work then tell his family and friends how he is so tired leading them to believe that he stays up with the baby when in reality he is up all night playing on the computer.

It wasn't like this before. He used to help we used to be efficient. We used to get things done but I feel like he has checked out and I resent him so much I'm ready to leave or choke him idk. I can't talk to him because he makes however I am feeling at the time insignificant no matter what it is he has an excuse or turns it around one me. I can't continue on like this for long. I'm having thoughts of wishing my baby would go away because it was so much better when he wasn't here. Idk what to do anymore I need help.