Not helpful husband

We are moving house on Wednesday in between a nearly 3 year old son to look after and a large dog to walk and the general house wife chores I have every day in general and also being 16 weeks pregnant and Ill iv been packing alone carrying boxes even tho they may be to heavy to me to be lifting every time I ask my husband to help he speaks to me like crap starts saying things like he earns the money and works and then going in to highlight how i don't earn money even tho that was his choice as personally I'd love to work . I'm great full for the money he brings in and the work he does but that doesn't mean I don't work hard at home and that doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to ask for help. I feel so upset as he has been saying very hurtful things to me everytime I say something as simple as hey love iv packed a few boxes could you carry them into the dinning room and put them with the rest please , or il ask if he wants to go out to a shop together etc and I get told to fuck off I work blah blah blah ..I feel alone and upset 😭😭