Opinions on "play pens" ? My story..

Sandra💕 • Mommy x 2 ❤️
So I am currently 13 weeks almost.. My boyfriend and I can't seem to agree on much. Specially because he already has kids and this is my first! Don't take me wrong, most things he suggests I take in consideration. But I'm having a hard time considering to buy our child a play pen. His youngest kid is like 16 months or so. And he literally lives in there.  🙄🔫 my man and his last baby momma rather put him in there then have him running up and down. He sleeps in there as well.. I don't say anything on that I mean it's not my child if that's the way they choose to do things fine🖐🏻🖐🏻 but not my baby. I want my baby crawling and what not. At that age my baby will either be sleeping in his crib or with me. I'm sure chasing a baby is exhausting I just don't want my boyfriend to think he can sit around while the baby is in his little prison! I just feel like I'm in my right and he needs to be okay with MY decision just like he was okay with his baby mommas decision. 
Any opinions🤔