Old wives tales: BS ! Gender disappointment :(

So I just found out I'm having a boy, I already have two boys and was praying for a girl. I wanted one sooo bad ! And I thought this time around I for sure had one, it just felt "different." All these old wives tales about having a girl, I had every one of them, and didn't with my boy. Well come to find out they were all wrong and I was wrong and I'm having a boy again. I am so disappointed because this is probably my last child. I've always dreamed of having a girl and having the mother-daughter relationship with her and spoiling her and getting everything pink and sparkly and get her the cutest clothes ever and there goes my dream. I had my gender ultrasound and I cried for like 30 minutes. Not the fact My baby was a boy, I'm thankful and blessed I even have the chance to have babies of my own and healthy ones at that, but the fact I won't ever have my girl I've always dreamed of. I had my cry baby moment and am coming to terms with it. I still love my baby boy more than anything and can't wait to see my handsome little prince !