Word of advice please..

So I am going through a hard time with my husband. Like most men he won't grow up. He is also an alcoholic that really need to get help.. He decided to leave our home at the beginning of the month. I told him I could not Handel the bills so that he could keep the apoartment if he wanted and so he had me move out. A week ago I found out I am expecting for September.. Yay!! But now he thinks I'm lying just to get back to him.. Every bill in our home is in my name. Long story short. He got mad at me for going out with his mom and told me I wasn't shit and to not ask his family for help. So I asked him.. So if I'm not shit why are you still calling me. He told me he felt sorry for me and that he already had another girl living with him. 😭😭 I think it's a lie but I am still supper upset. Everything in that appaartment is mine.. I kind of want to go and pick all my shit up and cut all the bills that are in my name. Would this be too much or should I just wait it out till he comes to his senses..