Car accident

Hello all. Yesterday my dad, myself, and my 5 year old son were involved in a minor car accident. I was driving straight doing the speed limit and out of nowhere a little old lady came shooting across 3 lanes from the right side. I was in the left lane. There was nothing I could do, nowhere I could swerve, so I hit the gas a little and she hit us in the back passenger fender and tire instead of the back door which is where my son was in the back seat. We all pulled over to a church parking lot. My dad called FHP for a state troooer to come to the scene. After his investigation and report, i was found not at fault. The old woman was given a ticket for improper changing of lanes. And messed her front left side of the car up. And you know this old woman had the audacity to say "well who's going to take the blame for this" I said "you are lady, you hit us and my son is in the car". My dad said "you're taking the blame not us, no ma'am you hit us" She says "well I don't understand why we can't just exchange information, I'm afraid I'll get my license taken away. There's hardly any damage to your truck look at my car"! I said Yeah, well I don't care about your car or this truck. Your car looks the way it looks because you came across 3 lanes of traffic and struck us, I was doing nothing wrong. What I care about is if my children are okay, she said children? I said yes I'm pregnant so you better pray nothing is wrong with my baby. After being cleared by FHP I took my son home so my step mother could watch him. Was experiencing lower back pain that shot into my right leg, and cramping. Dad came with me to hospital. I was diagnosed with subchronic hemorrhaging. Basically the way they explained it, is that there's a little pocket of blood now between the embryonic sac and where the sac implanted itself in my uterus. And now my risk of miscarriage is 25-30%. I've been put on bed rest. No heavy lifting no excessive movements. I can't go up and down stairs or do much of anything. I'm not a stay in bed all day kind of person so this is going to be very difficult. I have first initial OB appointment Tuesday 2/2. And then this happens. All the prayers in the world would be greatly appreciated. Husband and I have been wanting this baby for a long time. And we're finally blessed with a little miracle. During the exam at the hospital I found out that I am 7 weeks, 3 days along with this precious little gem.