Just need some advice

I'm currently 11 weeks 2 days. I am in the animal health field and commute 1 hour 15 min each way to work. I then work 10 hour days. I'm so tired and right now it makes the commute unbearable. Along with feeling icky everyday and the fact that my job is not staffed to have others "handle the big dogs", I'm scared for the safety of this baby. I've had one miscarriage and my son was born 6 weeks early due to a placental abruption. I really want to quit and take a local low paying part time job to get me through the pregnancy. My SO doesn't want me to in case I can't find employment. I just don't think I can keep doing this and for sure after the baby is born, I will not be commuting. I refuse to be away 14 hours a day with a baby.