Could I be 👶🏾?

I have been having unprotected sex with my best friend and we have been ttc for about a year since I been off birth control and haven't been able to conceive yet but after AF left we had sex and again when I was at when I was ovulating but since the first time after AF left I have noticed some changes last week I seen some light pink blood in my discharge and didn't think nothing of it then since I been working at my job I have to walk up and downstairs I have been getting a little more out of breath then the usual then feeling a little lightheaded and dizzy and a lot of nausea, I also have been more thirsty then the usual and some days I feel constipated and that is so odd for me cause I don't have a problem in that department, a lot of lower back pain, sore breast and itchy nipple. But what made me ask for help is I just finished eating my favorite snack and I feel very sick but AF suppose to be her in about 6 day