Here's to hoping

Rachel • 👨‍👩‍👧
Hey ladies,
Okay so AF is due to show up on the 15th and I've read that after ov your cervix should feel firm again but mine is as soft as can be and has been medium to soft since maybe 2-3 dpo
I've noticed I've been peeing quite a lot but I drink so much water, I've felt quite sick and hungry in the mornings and almost vomitted at the smell of chives the ther day and normally I put them in everything and a lot of foods don't appeal to me anymore. Also been so tired but once I wake up I can't go back to sleep and my boobs are sore and have firmed up a fair bit. Are these good signs? I'm hoping it isn't just PMS, this is only my second cycle tracking cervical position and I didn't log before my damn period last time so I can't remember 😡😡 and should I buy a hpt tonight or wait and see if AF shows up
Please send baby dust my way and I'll be sending it back