Annoyed with midwife 😡


I went in to my 12 week Checkup today. And I have been VERY clear with my midwife that I want a VBAC which since the beginning she has pushed me about the "risks to baby" for vbac and really pushed for a c- section ( which I know I could still end up with one) but when I talked to the insurance lady about how much I need to pay every month and she had this chart with the payments blah blah and on it the quote for my prices she had

"C- section" when I questioned why she had me marked as that she said its in your chart you're having a C- section so the stupid midwife completely ignored my wishes and scheduled me for a c- section!!! I didn't even sign any papers that she insisted I take about a second c- section this really pissed me off!!

Sorry for the rant.