Bumps on penis?

I've been with just one guy, my friend with benefits who I'm still sleeping with. I started talking to some guy 4 months ago, we should have met up today but I cut him off since he randomly sent me a dick pic 2 nights before the "date" and I was like oh my god fuckboy syndrome much, I don't wanna meet up with someone who would try to have sex on a first date just to use me. He seemed really nice until then, and then he became so fucking cocky and told me about all the girls he has slept with and said "I don't like using condoms even though my pull out game weak" well I wouldn't be surprised if he has an STD and his dick doesn't look normal at all. I don't think it's normal to have a huge bump, like the size of a thumb's nail next to the penis' tip and other smaller ones kinda close to the base of it. I'll definitely not get in touch to him ever again but I'm just curious, is it an STD?

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