Belly button problems

So I just saw something related to this on an old post. I always thought I was the only person in the world with this embarrassing issue. 
I have a really small belly button. It's honestly one of the prettiest belly buttons I've ever seen (if it's possible to even consider a belly button cute) well here is the issue, it goes inward for as long as I've dared to explore! I swear it's like a black whole. I look at my husbands belly button and you can visually see that it is closed, mine just doesn't. Well, Ever since I was little from time to time I notice that it will smell so bad, and that it's kinda leaky inside. Besides that I've never had problems beyond that like it making me sick or something. I think this happens because since it goes so deep, when I shower water gets in there and after a while the whole smelly situation starts to happen. I have learned that if I dry it with a tip after I shower it helps. I know this sounds nasty but hey!! I dint choose the belly button it chose me 😝Do you guys think it could be more than what I'm saying? Do any of you experience this? How did you deal with it or get rid of it?  Idk why I never thought to ask but next time I go to the dr I'll ask him.