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Leanne • 💖💖💖🍼🍼👶🏼👶🏼
Im 16+1 and I have been putting endless moaning posts up about 
1 still feel sick 
2 lifeless to the point of passing out 
And breathless well today I brought some dam iron tablets 1 hr and a half later I was able to go shopping cook 2 meals and tidy up and let me tell you now Iv been in bed for almost 4 months endless crying I ate a big meal today and I just ate a samwage with crisp and cheese lol please ladies take your iron tablets I'm hoping tomorrow will be another good day and I have sussed out why Iv been like this low iron I'm not 100% but I'd say 90% better please say a prayer tonight for me that this is the end of my suffering xxx