Just as I thought living with in laws was hell

Living with my mom is starting to be just as worse -.- 
Sorry I just need to rant ! *warning this might get long So we don't live in the same house as my mom we live in the studio below and I mean I understand she wants to be around her first grand child(my daughter) but shes really crossing the line and being annoying. She doesn't work, is divorced, and lives off a disability check and never and I mean never cooks for herself she's always buying fast food and basically stays up to a week without money (she gets a check the 3rd and 15th of each month) 
Anyways, she's always coming down to our place to "help" with the baby which I appreciate because I get things done around the house that way but she ends up staying pretty much ALL DAY I don't want to be rude and tell her to leave but it's like don't you get the point ? We need S P A C E especially when my husband is home. She will literally come around 11 am and not leave until 12:30 at night. She also always asks me what i'm cooking for dinner and expects me to cook for her like i'm sorry I know you're my mom but you are not my responsibility I don't mind having her over for dinner every once in a while but not every damn day! She sometimes takes my baby in her house which I don't mind but when she brings her back she just stays at our place like hello we don't need help anymore you can leave but does she leave? NO 😒 We have already told her we need space she will listen for like a day or two then do the same shit again she even always wants to go out with us whenever we go to the store and when we say no she gets mad. Also when we tell her to leave she will kick something on the way out , out of anger. We really need to get a place of our own ASAP . And btw she has epilepsy but damn that's not an excuse to be acting like a child and not act like an adult. I guess i'm going to stop asking her to watch my daughter and just clean when I can because I can't take this anymore. It's not me that always asks her to help me watch her she also stays because when my daughter sees her she wants to go with her but that doesn't mean she has to stay here all day (my mom not the baby)