Baby Shower

Tiffany Nicole • 23, Texas, FTM!
As soon as I found out I was pregnant, a cousin of mine immediately said she was going to be the one to do my baby shower. Honestly, I don't mind or anything because I love how creative she is. I don't exactly like the theme she's going for, but I know that it also doesn't matter because either way, she's pouring her heart into it and that's all that matters. My only problem is that she has a habit of always purchasing a margarita machine for every single party she does. I never mind, but this is a baby shower and I have my mind set on no alcohol at my baby's parties in the future, so why would I want it at my baby shower? It just causes people to get drunk and start drama and I think it's best to avoid that on a day that's so special to me. I didn't bring it up or mention it because I don't want to hurt her feelings and I might just be overthinking, but I would really appreciate others thoughts on this.
Am I in the wrong for thinking this way? Please, no rude comments.