not over him..

so I dated this guy for a few months, we were really close friends before we got together and when we did it all felt so right.. I lost my virginity to him, everything. I fell in love with him so quickly. then one day he said he wanted a break.. I said okay.. 3 days later we were at the same party and we didn't talk whatsoever.. he went out of the country for 3 weeks and came back, I saw him the day after he came back and we barely spoke to each other that night, partly because I was working and he wasn't (btw we work together, that's how we met) so about a week passes and he doesn't reach out to me at all. I found out from a couple other co-workers that he had said that he was hoping I'd get the point of him not talking to me meaning he didn't want to continue things.. so I finally cave in and say "I'm going to assume that you don't want to continue things and that's fine, but I think we should at least try and be friends since we still have to work together" and he said not to expect much and I said the same. flash forward to this week, we had work together 2 night and today he started when I got off, so I've seen him a lot this week. but we talked a bunch during our shifts (partly because we had to) but some of it was also just casual. I think it's a good start to being friends but I'm having such a hard time getting over him and seeing him a lot isn't helping even though I still want that friendship.. ugh I'm super confused about everything because I'm happy we're talking and stuff but I'm not because it's not helping me get over him.. idk what to do. any tips on how to get over him easier?